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Seen in the Dusk - online screening

To celebrate one year of Seen in the Dusk, we did an online screening with the full performance followed by an interview. The interview is still available on instagram:


In march 2020, Seen in the Dusk was performed by the artists Jina Song and Martha Panagiotopolou at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (GoMA), where they explored intersections between Greek and Korean Mythologies.

As we aim to continue promoting intercultural connections and myths as a form of knowledge, we will make the full 17-minute long performance available between the 25th to 28th March 2021, accompanied by interviews with the artists about their artistic research and the background of the event.

We warmly invite you for the Seen in the Dusk YouTube streaming, and to join our conversations about myths, memory, nature worship, and its strong connection with womanhood, celebrating a new cycle.

- Beatriz 🌸

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